Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dheena played for 175 days
Minnale played for 150 days grossing Rs.13 crores
Dil played for 125 days grossing Rs.13 crores
Friends played for 100 days.
'Poovellam Un Vasam 147 days
Citizen: An action film starring Ajith in dual roles. The award-winning film tells the vendetta of a young boy against the corrupt bureaucracy which wiped out his entire village from the map of India. It played for 156 days.
Nandha played for 100 days grossing Rs.7 crores launching the career of Surya. For a round-up of top movies in 2001

Thenali ran for 175 days grossing Rs.30 crores
Mugavari ran for 175 days
Kandukondain Kandukondain ran for 175 days
Vanathai Pola ran for 175 days Khushi played for 150 days grossing almost Rs.18 crores Alaipayuthey ran 125 days grossing Rs.6 crores

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